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New! The book that's rewriting
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For a free sampling of how to ditch the doubletalk and win over your audience with clear, creative expression that engages, enlightens and sells...
Look Inside.


"Business Blather is filled with practical examples that show the before and after of nonsensical prose that confound rather than clarify what we want to say. One can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness we are all guilty of when talking in business jargon. This book is a wonderful reminder of the impact of using simple, powerful language."

Ronni Burns
Professor of Communication
NYU Stern School of Business


"Business Blather is as educational as it is enjoyable. Very Jerry—cuts to the chase—easy to understand and ready to use tips to advance business communications."

Ajay Srinivas
President and CEO, Cetalus LLC


"FYI, at the end of the day, in the fullness of time, when all is said and done—I can tell you that this very very nice book offers truly bountiful insights, really sage advice, and extremely helpful illustrations of how to say what you have to say in a real-world business environment. And if that sentence seems to make sense, you (and I) badly need the instruction provided by McTigue in Business Blather."

Morris B. Holbrook, W.T.
Dillard Professor of Marketing Emeritus
Graduate School of Business
Columbia University

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