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  Why Make Yourself Crazy? 400 Stress Stoppers

Join thousands of people worldwide who have broken the choke-hold of stress in their lives forever with this groundbreaking program that more than eliminates the symptoms of stress...it roots out the causes, reversing the stressful habits and mindsets you've developed over the course of your life.


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400 proven stress busters, instantly accessible on all your devices, wherever you are, whenever you need them!

STOP the stress that leaves you constantly rushed, pressured, frustrated, and frazzled day in and day out.

You'll start easing your anxiety in just minutes from now.

STOP the stress of work, home, parenting, school, finances, relationships, driving, shopping, traveling, entertaining, holidays, and many other pursuits.

A strategy for virtually every stressful situation you face!

STOP the stress that burns useless nervous energy, sapping your strength and slashing your productivity.

Learn the secrets to working calmly, confidently, enjoyably.

STOP the stress that causes mistakes, accidents, lateness, do-overs, and overall shoddy performance.

You'll actually gain time by being more efficient and in control.

STOP the stress that eats away at your immune system, unleashing free radicals & harmful hormones.

You'll have fewer colds, infections, headaches, and illnesses.

STOP the stress that can eventually lead to cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and premature aging.

You're killing yourself! Learn to live healthier, happier, longer.

STOP the stress that will cost you untold thousands of dollars for doctors and medical treatments.

This low-cost program is the cheapest health insurance ever!

STOP the stress of physical & mental clutter that has you so stifled and hemmed in you can't breathe!

Packed with solutions to totally organize your home & office.

STOP the stress that's damaging your relationships.

Regain a healthy rapport with your partner, friends, coworkers.

STOP the stress that causes sleepless nights and bedraggled days, leaving you tired and haggard.

Learn how to get a full, rejuvenating night's sleep, without drugs.

STOP the stress you're feeling this very moment...


"The most effective stress management techniques are the ones that prevent stress from occurring, and this guide is filled with creative, insightful and practical ways to do just that! For stressed and busy people who are short on time, it reads easily and delivers simple solutions for profound and positive changes. A real treasure!"

||||Elizabeth Scott, M.S.
||||About.Com's Stress
||||Management Guide


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First and foremost, to immediately reduce stress...

...Read Strategy #121. Discover how to dispel
...the relentless pressure, panic or anxiety you
...may.be experiencing right now.

Once you've got that under control...

..Read Strategy #125. Learn what you can do
...tonight to help you start your day stress-free
...tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

And this is just the beginning of the calm, healthy, happier life you'll lead...while being more productive than you are now! Simply download this internationally acclaimed 274-page PDF edition of...

Why Make Yourself Crazy? 400 Stress Tips

Why Make Yourself Crazy?
400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life

by bestselling Author & Stress Coach G. Gaynor McTigue

Featured in national magazines and talk shows across America!


"I'm crazy—about this book! It's filled with common sense and uncommon wisdom. G. Gaynor McTigue is part counselor, part organizer, part coach, and part cheerleader. His insights and advice are wonderful, right on the mark and fun to read!"

...Carol Leonetti Dannhauser, Author
   I Need to Get in Shape...Now What?!

There's never been stress help like it.

Each stress elimination strategy is so powerfully written, so inspiring... you'll feel your tension and anxiety melt away just reading it. But that's hardly enough. More importantly...

Each strategy provokes action. It doesn't just preach or lecture youor rehash the same old platitudes you've heard a thousand times. It gives you fresh, clear-cut direction you can act on immediately, and makes such crystal clear sense, you absolutely can't help but follow its guidance and start dissipating your stress.

Let's look at some prime examples:

You're up to your neck in work and your boss drops yet another new project on your desk, demanding that it be done by morning. Instead of imploding...

.. Read Strategy #171. It offers an immediate
...and effective solution that takes tremendous
...pressure off you, and leaves everyone happy.
Your kids are driving you nuts with their constant squabbling, bickering and bad behavior. Instead of losing it and doing something you may later regret...

.. Read Strategy #27 for an instructive, stress-
..free and ingeniously effective way to discipline
..your kids without the shouting, hitting and guilt.

You find yourself so overloaded with activities and events, you're not really enjoying any of it...and are totally frazzled for your trouble.

.. Read Strategy #209 on how to cut needless .
activities out of your schedule...leaving you time
..to enjoy the pursuits that really matter.

Your house is a mess, filled with junk, clutter and things lying around everywhere. You feel so hemmed in and oppressed you can barely think!

.. Read Strategy #2 on how you can easily rid
.. your.home and office of stifling clutter, without
.. having to make a humongous project out of it.
.. (People love this one!)


You like to entertain, but get so stressed out over all the work, cost and the fear your guests will have a lousy time, it becomes a nightmare.

...Read Strategy #4 on making your get-togethers
...less work, less expensive and infinitely more fun
.. and rewarding.

Your stress is putting a huge strain on you and your partner, stealing your time together, even causing you to say and do hurtful things. No more:

.. Read Strategy #258 on how to defuse the ..
tension between you and rekindle the intimacy
.. and affection you once thrived on...even if you
.. think it's no longer possible.

You're totally nerve-racked, overtired, sleep-deprived and haggard, yet can't fall asleep when you need it most! Here's what to do:

.. Read Strategy #234 for a surefire way to lose
...your stressful state of mind, totally relax and
...get the revitalizing rest you need. Finally.

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Here is just a small sampling of the wide array of stress issues you can resolve with these 400 one-of-a-kind strategies, all immediately accessible with the ebook's Fast Find Stress Relief Index:

bulletEliminate the fear of looming stressful events.

bulletHow to overcome an addiction to work.

bulletSuper-efficient way to deal with all those emails.

bulletKids' sports without the running-around insanity.

bulletNo longer be a slave to peer pressures.

bulletKeeping cool behind the wheel, in any situation.

bulletSmart ways to dress for less stress.

bulletEliminating meaningless deadlines.

bulletEliminating superfluous activities.

bulletFoolproof method for conquering indecision.

bulletGestures that defuse stressful relationships

bulletOvercoming the stress of social situations.

bulletLearning how to say "no". With confidence.

bulletSure cure for the mad morning dash.

bulletPhysical things that will ease the mental.

bullet This makes every dinner a mini vacation.

bulletInstant remedy for a stinging rejection.

bulletBreezing through difficult transitions.

bulletWaking up without fear and anxiety.

bulletMessy, stressy closet? No more.

bulletFoods that fight stress.

bulletFoods that make it worse.

bulletAnger-free disciplining of kids.

bulletWhen and why you don't have to reciprocate.

bulletTurning setbacks into successes.

bulletWhen it makes sense to do it yourself.

bulletWhen it's best to hire a pro.

bulletNature's unfailing tranquilizer.

bulletLeast stressful times to do things.

bulletDo this and never misplace things again.

bulletA must-avoid mistake in legal dealings.

bulletStress less by listening to yourself.

bulletThis hobby is a sure stress buster.

bulletThis activity is a debilitating stress fest.

bulletSecret to staying calm in a crisis.

bulletStress-free entertaining (economical, too).
bulletOpening your mind to new pursuits.

bulletStrategies for organizing your home, office, life.

bulletThe danger of being too organized.

bulletHow to steer clear of negative people.

bulletWays to break out of monotonous routines.

bulletEnsuring you don't get stood up.

bulletGetting others off your back. Finally.

bulletPut more stress-releasing humor in your life.

bulletCuring nerve-wracking writer's block.

bulletWhat to do when running late to avoid stress.

bulletWho to talk to for instant stress relief.

bulletSurefire way to judge people correctly.

bulletWhat to do when someone won't shut up.

bulletIngenious way to select from many choices.

bulletPutting the kibosh on neighbors who mooch.

bulletThis wil make your trip a heck of a lot smoother.

bulletMost conflicts can be avoided. We'll show how.

bulletStressless investing strategy. (No kidding.)

bulletWhom you should NOT confide in.

bulletHow to get great sleep nightly, naturally.

bulletStop micro-managing, start delegating

bulletBeing focused, but not fixated. Big difference.

bulletThe only way to schedule events to avoid stress.

bulletEliminating the corrosive stress of envy.

bulletEliminating the stress of, yes, euphoria.

bulletGreat remedy for a really rough day. Try this!

bulletWhy you'll never be self-conscious again.

bulletMaking waiting, delays, and tie-ups worthwhile.

bulletHow to ask the right questions in key situations.

bulletDealing with people you don't like. Or not at all.

bulletDo this or never have any time for yourself.

bulletPaying for everything twice? You might be!

bulletAlways have one planned and stress melts away.

bulletThe perfect rule for work vs. play. Can't miss!

bulletTaking the stress out of shopping.

bulletThe stress that's sitting on your kitchen counter.

bulletWhy more money isn't the answer.

bulletMost productive, stress-free way to study.

bulletWhat NOT to do on your vacation.

bulletHow to stop the constant beating up on yourself.

bulletWhen to turn off the music.

bulletWhen to turn on the music.

bulletWhere to escape to nearby when totally frazzled.

bulletGetting rid of stuff. The sure, easy way.

bulletTasks for the kids that take the burden off you.

bulletMaking big projects small potatoes.

bulletGetting people to show up on time. This works.

bullet Enjoying life without a deadline mentality.

bulletTake this perspective... and stress vanishes!

bulletBreaking the unhealthy stress/eating cycle.

bulletHow to stop being so thin-skinned.

bulletA lasting cure for chronic impatience.

bulletNot letting others run, and ruin, your life.

Plus hundreds more!

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"In his insightful jewel, G. Gaynor McTigue delivers informed, specific tools to empower others to regulate stress and to achieve internal harmony. This entertaining reference will be an essential instruction manual in self-management."

.David Krueger MD,
.Executive and Mentor Coach

Never has so much life-changing intelligence cost so little.

Many have said the wisdom, the tools and the motivation harnessed within the Why Make Yourself Crazy? ebook are priceless.

And when you consider the incalculable toll stress is taking on your health, well-being and peace of mind...day after day, year after year...it is indeed priceless.

At the very least, you might pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get this kind of personal, powerful, all-encompassing stress coaching and motivation. (Remember, you'll find in your 400 strategies solutions to virtually every specific stressful situation you encounter.)

But knowing that you probably already have enough stressful expenses to deal with, we're going to offer this widely popular and talked-about book at the special price of only $19.95, unheard of for a volume packed with such life-enhancing information and advice. Plus...



Order Today:



Why Make Yourself Crazy? 400 Stress

G. Gaynor McTigue's
Acclaimed 416-strategy

(includes 16 bonus techniques!)
Why Make Yourself Crazy?
Ebook Edition



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Download this unprecedented package—a $170 value—right now for just $19.95 US by credit or debit card from anywhere in the world. With a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (see below).

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100 Percent Money Back
                                              GuaranteeThere's absolutely no risk. If you're not totally thrilled with Why Make Yourself Crazy? 400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life... you can get a full refund at any time within 60 days of your purchase. No questions asked.

That gives you two whole months to try out every single one of these extraordinary techniques for eliminating the stress that has a strangling grip on your life. You simply cannot lose.

So stop making excuses. Stop hesitating and start getting your life back under control. Download the incredible Why Make Yourself Crazy? stress guide today!


Read these unvarnished reviews from some of our thousands of users:

"Stress tips? Fantastic! More like practical
wisdom for living. They have helped to
streamline life, refocus on priorities, endorse
my humanity, appreciate diversity,accept my
limitations, welcome beauty, question status
quo, challenge norms, and regain composure
when the frenzy of busy-ness escalates!"
.....                             —Marisa
........                              London, UK

* * * *

"I work full-time and do a lot of volunteer
work afterwards. The stress tips help keep
me level in my very busy life! Thanks for
supplying these great strategies for living!"
...                               —Del Cleek
.....                                 Jasper County, IN

* * * *

"My life is extremely hectic. I am a widow
with a toddler and a teenager, work 40
hours a week, and take care of a house
and a yard. Stress is my middle name.
These tips, which I always read first
thing in the morning, are my reality check.
They enable me to take a deep breath
and think, 'Oh, yeah. This is my life I'm
supposed to be living.' It sorta helps
put things in perspective and reminds me there is something larger, something greater
than the simple little problem I am dealing
with at the moment. They help me see the
big picture."

                               .....—Debbie Smith
........                               Dothan, AL

* * * *

"Brilliantly simple,easy to put into practice and particularly relevent to our modern lifestyle!"
.....                              —Jeanette
.......                               Queensland
........                              Australia

* * * *

"The stress tips are remarkably intuitive and they always provide practical strategies for addressing real life situations."
.....                              —J. DeLaMater
........                              Marietta, GA

* * * *

"Commom sense, easily identifiable situations and behaviours that leave me laughing at myself because they are US! Thank you for your insights and helping me to leave behind the rat race. I thought I was
alone in my dissatisfaction of our way of life until I read your many eloquent words."
.....                              —Bernadette Keane
........                              USA

* * * *

"I love these and find them very timely and
.....                              —Lori Killian
........                              USA

* * * *

"[These] stress tips are the perfect remedy for a bad day! They make you stop to think, and appreciate what you have. They also offer practical advice on how to achieve a more stress-free life. Who wouldn't want
.....                            —Michelle Jones-White
........                            Singapore

* * * *

"Intelligent, well thought out strategies that keep one from going crazy. Tips that, when reminded of, you laugh right out loud, knowing you've done just that: procrastination, disorganization, trips to guilt country, too much on the plate of life, super Mom, Dad, employee etc. Thank you very much!"
.....                                 —FatCherie

* * * *

"These stress tips get right to the heart of the issue; elegantly concise and free of superfluous words!"
.....                                 —M.D.
........                                 New Hope, PA

* * * *

"I am very thankful to you, because I get  good tips from you and they made me to act what I want to be in my life!"
.....                                 —Hermanth
........                                 Bangalore, India

* * * *

"Your tips remind me that it is the little things that I control that bring the real simple quality to my life. It is so easy to let myself go "crazy" and it is usually a simple thing that starts the ball rolling in the wrong direction. I love the brief, positive, to-the-point tips that speak volumes to me...I am constantly asking myself and others: "Why make yourself crazy???"
.....                                 —Jayme
........                                  Encondido, CA

* * * *

"I never miss reading your stress tips. They
are especially true in our most troublesome
.....                                —Ephraim
........                                 Haifa, Israel

* * * *

"The tips were so wonderful that I included them in an informative speech I had to do in college."
.....                               —Rhonda Reilly
........                               Anahuac, TX

* * * *

"Like a sharp, merciless scalpel, these stress tips cut away the fluff, the fads, the senseless distractions in our culture that tend to rob who we are."
.....                                —Linda Maxwell
........                                Richmond, KY

* * * *

"At last a collection of stress tips that doesn't
drive you crazy. G. Gaynor McTigue writes in a clear, straightforward, practical way that will soon help clear the mental and physical clutter from your life, eradicate the thinking errors and set you on a course for a happier, healthier existence."
.....                                  —Jeff Petersen
........                                  Cove, Oregon

* * * *

"I didn't realize how unnecessarily crazy my life had become until I started reading your guide. Needless to say, I've cut WAY down on the things that used to make me nuts! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
.....                                   —Rhonda
........                                   Baltimore, MD

* * * *

"When I feel stress coming my way, I open up the stress tips and they help me get through the day!"
.....                                   —N.R.
........                                   Freehold, NJ

* * * *

"Reading my stress tips every morning is like hearing a favorite song on the radio. It's quite a mood booster! The tips are helpful and realistic and if employed, can facilitate stress in anyone's lifestyle."
.....                                   —D.B.
........                                   Atlanta, GA

* * * *

"They actually work!"
.....                                  —Norah
........                                  Kenya

* * * *

"I thank God for giving the writer of these stress tips the vision and the words to put it into black and white!"
.....                                 —NJB
........                                 Missouri City, TX

* * * *

"What a fabulous resource! I conduct Stress Management Workshops around the World and recommend this to my students. The tips are digestible and on point."
......                               —Rosemary Rein
........                                Costa Rica

* * * *

"Your tips loosen the stress knots that accumulate daily."
.....                                —Nicole Wilcoxson
.......                                 Deer Park, TX

* * * *

"These aren't just stress tips--they're LIFE tips! Stress is your body's way of saying that your priorities are out of whack...and Mr. McTigue's stress tips are the PERFECT way to bring it all back into focus."
.....                                 —J. St. Pierre
........                                 New Orleans, LA

* * * *

"The stress strategies help me get a handle on the stressors that regularly creep into life. I have learned to look at things differently because of your tips. Thanks for being such vital part of my day!"
.....                                 —Linda Williams
........                                 Chattanooga, TN

* * * *

.....                                 —Allan Blackman
.......                                  USA

* * * *

"It's changed my life. I had a heart attack at 39. I did the opposite of everything you guys say! Well done, keep it up and hope you SAVE LIVES from the lessons learned!!"
.....                                 —Mark Nathwani
........                                 UK

* * * *

"I think that they are extremely helpful in my everyday thinking. When I feel stressed out I now look at the bigger picture and think before I jump or shout. The stress tips are like a "little voice" inside my head saying chill out and relax..why make myself crazy? Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
.....                               —J. Russell
........                               Newfoundland

* * * *

"Kudos. I've used a few tips in my food column for The Daily Herald in Provo, Utah (of course always giving credit!) to strengthen the point I'm trying to make. Thanks bunches!"
.....                               —Karen Hoag
........                               Provo, UT

* * * *

"I enjoy them so much and try where I can to put them into practice. Please continue with your excellent work!"
.....                               —J. S. Hughes
........                               Brackenhurst
........                               South Africa

* * * *

"They are like apples of gold on pictures of
silver. Just right, and what's needed."
.....                              —B.O.
........                              Warri, Nigeria

* * * *

"I love the stress tips! They make sense and
help me cope with real life..."
.....                             —N.D.
........                             Worcester, MA

* * * *

"I have found the stress tips to be invaluable, in both my work and home life. Many of them are so simple to apply, yet they can make an enormous difference."
.....                                —M.H.
........                                Johannesburg
........                                South Africa

* * * *

"It's a daily pleasure to read them and to memorize them even. I haven't a clue how many have bought the book, however, I highly recommend it!"
.....                                 —Meggie Mohr
........                                 Stuttgart, Germany

* * * *

"The tips are innovative and simple to follow. One step at a time, big changes are possible in one's life!! Thanks for the tips."
.....                                 —Senthil
........                                  Bangalore, India

* * * *

"Your stress tips are wonderful. SHORT AND
......                               —SV
.........                               Mumbai

* * * *

"The stress tips proved to be extremely encouraging and useful. I took in the tips and they affected my life right away. The stress seriously just seemed to trickle out of my life."
.....                                —Andrew J. Breland
........                                Gulfport, MS

* * * *

"Your stress tips have helped me think differently. Your "meat & potatoes" strategies are full of practical, down to earth suggestions which we often overlook in our daily lives."
.....                             —Magdalene Dawson
........                             Petaling Jaya
........                            West Malaysia

* * * *

"I lost my husband, age 55. Your stress tips have gotten me through a lot of rough days. They helped put things back into proper perspective. I thank you."
.....                             —AKE
........                             Arapaho, OK

* * * *

"The tips provide a laugh, a chuckle, a nod, or a sigh... and then I feel I can go on with my day. The writing style feels as if I am hearing from a friend, telling me to slow down, take care and listen! Good job and please keep going! Cheers."
.....                              —B.R.
........                              Chatham, NJ

* * * *


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